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We ship Chocolate Bliss, Vanilla Agave Nectar, Sun Fire Salt, Fiesta Mole and Radical Health's entire SunFire Super Food line of better than organic, pristine raw superfoods.

These superfoods are rich with nutrients, low in calories, and easy to digest.

Eating superfoods can make a "raw food diet" more sustainable because they are packed full of the minerals and nutrients your body craves.

And you don't have to become a "raw foodist" to enjoy them. You can notice upgrades in your health, energy, mood, and beauty simply by adding superfoods to your existing diet.*

*You may find that eating superfoods leads you to crave junk foods less, which makes your health upgrades even more noticeable.



Loving Superfoods

Get Started On Your Superfood Journey

Upgrading your health with raw superfoods has these effects:

  • decadent flavor sensations
  • new "cooking" skills
  • increased knowledge and awareness of your body's innate wisdom
  • quantum leaps in your consciousness

How do you begin? We suggest these basic steps ...

1. Order Your Superfoods!

  • Start with Chocolate Bliss as a staple in your diet
    It tastes good, it's easy to make, and it contains a lot of superfoods that support your daily emotional, mental and physical well-being.

  • Use Fiesta Mole as a raw soup, dip, or topping for savory tastes
    This tomato-based blend of superfoods makes a quick gazpacho-style soup, an intensely flavored veggie dip, and a nutrient-rich spiced topping for any meal: raw or cooked.

  • Curb cravings for salty snacks with SunFire Salt and Dulse Seaweed
    Craving salt may mean your body needs a higher quality and quantity of minerals. Replace all of your salt with SunFire Salt and eat Dulse as a snack.

  • Eat clean-burning vegan Protein with Hemp Seeds and Chia Seeds
    Make your own Hemp Milk or start a Superfood Bowl with hemp seeds. Turn chia seeds into a tapioca-style pudding for a soothing gel that flushes out waste from your colon.

2. Get More Info!

  • Get An Introduction To Superfoods Email Course & Ongoing Support

    7 days of important information for starting your superfood upgrades, followed by regular updates of answers to upgrade questions, new recipes and seasonal topics.

    When you sign up you immediately get free downloads of our Raw Recipes Ebook and print-ready Quick Start Guide.

3. Get Superfood Support!

  • Get Superfood Coaching
    Sometimes you need creative customizations or more information to make your lifestyle upgrade complete.

  • Attend a Raw Superfood Class
    Learn the basics and beyond in our Superfood Classes (online and in select locations).

  • Connect with us on Facebook & YouTube
    Find new friends who align with your raw superfood interests through our online communities

4. Explore!

  • Make & Taste These Staple Superfood Recipes
    The more variety of superfoods and recipes you try, the more easily your body can communicate to you what upgraded, nutrient-rich foods it craves.
    We won't post a recipe unless it
    1. tastes good to us
    2. is packed full of good-for-your-body superfoods
    3. is pretty darn easy to make

  • Watch the Introducing Our Favorite Superfoods Videos
    Introducing 7 awesome superfoods: what their nutrient properties are, how each helps you upgrade your health, and how to determine the best quality.

  • Explore our Loving Superfoods Blog
    Over 100 raw superfood recipes, demonstrations, and in-depth health upgrade information.
Melissa & Dan

With many years of upgrading our mental and emotional consciousness
(see our story) we found that adding tasty, nutrient rich superfoods to our diet enables us to make the quantum leaps in our overall health we have always desired.

We wish for you the same delightful and delicious, graceful journey to your version of perfect health and happiness.

Much Love!

Melissa Cantrelle & Dan Coppersmith
Loving Superfoods, LLC


And You Deserve
Your Perfect Health Now!



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