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Dan & Melissa

About Loving Superfoods

We are your Loving Superfoods hosts, Melissa Cantrelle & Dan Coppersmith.

We created Loving Superfoods because we found that adding powerful, nutrient superfoods to our diet enables us to make the quantum leaps in our mental, emotional and physical health we have always desired. And we expect it will help you too!

Both of us have spent many years pursuing mental, emotional and spiritual approaches to living a high-quality life, but our diet was still the Standard American Diet (SAD). Not long ago we were still eating meat and lots of comfort foods (pizza, mac and cheese, ice cream).

We were often eating healthy too - like salmon and broccoli and sometimes a salad - but we still had low energy and needed that oh-so-common jolt of caffeine to get up in the morning or make it through the day.

From our personal experiences we've found that adding yummy superfoods (like Chocolate Bliss) to our diet has easily and naturally changed our cravings to desire more healthy foods.

We've also experienced more focus, more feelings of joy, and higher energy while effortlessly removing caffeine and junk food from our diet.

Eating superfoods has helped us continue to make quantum leaps in our physical, mental and emotional health.

Our Story About Why We LOVE These Superfoods!

Balancing Physical Changes With Emotional Support

When you are upgrading your life it’s important to honor the connection between your body and mind. Upgrading only one of these, without supporting the other, can create an imbalance that either pulls you backwards into old destructive habits or limits your growth.

As you explore your superfood journey to physical health, we suggest you also get support for your mental/emotional journey.

Here are some resources we feel can help you accelerate your growth on the mental/emotional levels:


Our Before & After Pictures

It's been over 8 years now since we started our superfood journey and we are still loving our increased energy, upgraded health, and expanded consciousness. Here are some before and after pictures to illustrate how very much raw superfoods have improved our life experience.

Before Raw Superfoods

Standard American Diet
(look how chunky we are and
how glazed over our eyes are!)

before raw food picture

After Raw Superfoods

After 2 years of eating mostly
"Raw Until Dinner" and
Chocolate Bliss every day
(with Dan's daughter Selina)

after raw foods picture

Before Raw Superfoods

Dan 2007

Dan before superfoods

After Raw Superfoods

Dan 2011
Playing inside a toy ball

Dan after superfoods

Before Raw Superfoods

Melissa 2007

Melissa before superfoods

After Raw Superfoods

Melissa 2011
Also playing with the toy ball

Melissa after superfoods

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