Managing Your Diet & Habits with Diabetes, Cancer & Corporate Work Stress

David Favor & Melissa Cantrelle share their insights about using raw foods and other healthy habits for managing symptoms and situations related to diabetes, cancer and the stresses and time constraints of the corporate work world.

These excerpts were taken from a Loving Superfoods dinner event. To learn more about raw superfoods and get customized support for your own health journey, please visit


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Resources mentioned in this video:
Primal Digest Enzymes (for diabetes)

Gerson Cancer Therapy

MMS / Jim Humble

Chelators: Chem-Free & Metal-Free

Chocolate Bliss (healthy solution for corporate world time constraints)

The David Favor Story: Raw Food Diet Insights & Craving Decoding

At this Loving Superfoods dinner event, David shares his story of how he damaged his health at age 2 by drinking gasoline, launching his search for high quality foods for healing his own body system.  Hear his simple guidelines for determining if you are well-nourished from your food and how to decode your cravings.

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Frozen Chocolate Bliss

Chocolate Bliss Popsicle

Chocolate Bliss Popsicle

We’ve tried making popsicles out of Chocolate Bliss, however it settles so quickly in the popsicle mold, that it doesn’t turn out right from a straight pour.

To make popsicles you need to add some more fiber and fat to the Chocolate Bliss to keep it from settling.  We’ve found this works best by blending the standard Chocolate Bliss recipe with some cashews or avocado.

A ratio of about 2 parts liquid Chocolate Bliss to 1 part cashews or avocado works well for the popsicle structure and makes the flavor a little more milk-chocolatey.

Chocolate Bliss Slushy

Chocolate Bliss Slushy

If you prefer a stronger chocolate taste, we recommend you put a mason jar of Chocolate Bliss in the freezer for about 2-3 hours and shake before drinking it (or spooning it out of the jar).  This frozen version of bliss tastes like a fudgesicle in slushy form.

Testimonial: Stress Free Zone

Here’s another story of what can happen when you allow a gentle upgrade with raw superfoods …
Having worked with you on nutrition and health since 2012 I can honestly say the concern of what to eat, nutrition, calories, etc. are a thing of the past.
I eat from a neutral space.  This means no overbearing cravings and feeling satisfied as a constant state and yet the freedom to enjoy pizza if I choose.
My body is still going through healing reactions but my energy is great compared to what it used to be and I am starting to look really healthy!
An added bonus is the superfoods have created a stress free zone for quick, easy, super nutrition while I am in grad school.
Thank you!

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Sometimes you need creative customizations or more information to make your lifestyle upgrade complete.  We can accelerate your integration process.  Learn more about Superfood Coaching.

Raw Food Diet Tips from David Favor

How do you create a balance of nutrition, performance, energy and perfect health by eating raw foods?  David Favor shares his criteria for determining and maintaining balance at this Loving Superfoods Dinner event, including tips about protein, enzymes, alkalinity and inflammation.

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