Testimonial: Stress Free Zone

Here’s another story of what can happen when you allow a gentle upgrade with raw superfoods …
Having worked with you on nutrition and health since 2012 I can honestly say the concern of what to eat, nutrition, calories, etc. are a thing of the past.
I eat from a neutral space.  This means no overbearing cravings and feeling satisfied as a constant state and yet the freedom to enjoy pizza if I choose.
My body is still going through healing reactions but my energy is great compared to what it used to be and I am starting to look really healthy!
An added bonus is the superfoods have created a stress free zone for quick, easy, super nutrition while I am in grad school.
Thank you!

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Raw Food Diet Tips from David Favor

How do you create a balance of nutrition, performance, energy and perfect health by eating raw foods?  David Favor shares his criteria for determining and maintaining balance at this Loving Superfoods Dinner event, including tips about protein, enzymes, alkalinity and inflammation.

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Digestive Enzymes: Let’s Talk About Quality

Here’s an excerpt from a Raw Superfood Dinner where David Favor was visiting and sharing information about Digestive Enzymes and supplements …

Watch out for excipients (like Magnesium Stearate) and low quality enzymes that do not have highly active ingredients.

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Homemade, Upgraded Tooth Paste

toothpasteMore cost effective than buying tooth paste in the store, natural ingredients, and as much or more effective in keeping your teeth, gums and mouth healthy.  Perfect!

Here’s the recipe for natural tooth paste (it’s really a powder) that I use:

1/4 Cup Baking Soda

1/4 Cup Sun Fire Salt

1/4 Cup Bentonite or Kaolin Clay (available from Mountain Rose Herbs)

1 Tbsp Dried Sage (helps whiten teeth)

1 Tbsp MSM (helps whiten teeth and reduces inflammation)

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How To Make Chocolate Bliss

Here’s a visual how-to for making Chocolate Bliss the simple and superfood-packed way we make it at home.  And as we’re making it, I’m of course sharing tips and superfood information along the way. :)

If you want superfood hand-holding in your kitchen or customized upgrade support for your health and life, check out our Superfood Coaching Sessions.

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Natural Air Fresheners

Our lungs are one of our primary elimination systems and it’s important to give them plenty of fresh air to support their work in oxygenating the body.  But what if you are inside and the air isn’t so fresh?  Ideally, you’ll open your windows as often as you can, especially when you sleep at night.  Exercising outside is also really helpful.

And sometimes you really need to cover up an existing odor or you want to upgrade your mood or set an emotional tone with the use of scent.  Rather than adding more toxins to your environment and your lungs, here are two natural options we prefer for adding scent to a room (in addition to opening a window) …

Essential Oil Sprays

Lavender EOEssential oils are plant extracts with powerful physical, mental and emotional effects.  Making your own essential oil spray is one of many ways to enjoy the scents of plants and the benefits of the oils.

To make your own spray, add pure water to a small spray bottle (we prefer using 8oz spray bottles so that it is used up within 3-6 months).  For a simple spray, add about 33 drops of one essential oil.

Here are a few we like:

  • Lavender – for a calming effect, especially nice for bedrooms
  • Thieves or Tea Tree – for a cleansing, purifying effect, especially good for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Cedar or Rosemary – for a clarifying, welcoming effect, especially nice for offices and front entrances

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