Things To Remove From Your Diet

no signAs you upgrade the quality of your food it becomes easier to crowd out the not-so-good-for-you options.

To accelerate your health upgrades, there are some more toxic “foods” that are worth removing from your lifestyle.

Here are some items we suggest you find alternatives to sooner rather than later:

Sodas / Fizzy Drinks
Phosphates in sodas rob the body of calcium resulting in bone deterioration.  They are also often full of caffeine, sugar and other chemicals that are difficult for the body to process. Instead try Kombucha, Levitation Lemonade or pure spring water.


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How the Medical Profession Got Off Track

caduceusI read this really interesting article by Lane Sebring, M.D. in the Austin All Natural magazine a while back and saved it to share with you.  It’s a fascinating history that explains a lot about why our current medical profession often overlooks alternative medicine and nutrition (or worse).

Here are excerpts from Dr. Sebring’s article:

In 1901, John D. Rockefeller decided to take over the medical profession for the purpose of eugenics – the practice of selective breeding applied to humans.  Darwin’s theory had been published a few decades earlier and the aristocracy and super rich applied it to social structure and said, “Of course. We are where we are because we are genetically superior, and the rest of the world is where they are because they are inferior and unfit.”  Eugenics did not yet have a bad name at the time – not until Hitler.

Rockefeller took over the medical profession by developing several hundred foundations in the guise of philanthropy, using this method to direct funds towards and away from various medical schools.

  • He succeeded in shutting down every medical school that had nutrition as part of its curriculum.
  • He took control of the medical journals by the same method.
  • He then made sure that the medical schools gave special consideration to applicants with an engineering degree.

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Label it: Indulgent!

Here’s an entertaining and informative video from NPR on just how much your thoughts and beliefs affect your body, especially with respect to satisfying your hunger.

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Our take-away from this research:  eat high quality foods that taste decadent and indulgent to you.  That way both the nutrients in the food and your mind-labels on the food will satisfy the “ghrelins” and you won’t have excess toxins to expel later. :)

Lavilin Deodorant

LavilinUpgrading your use of a deodorant is an important lifestyle change because using mainstream deodorants adds chemicals to your body through your skin.

As you eat healthier foods you may find you don’t need a deodorant.  For many on a clean eating lifestyle, their sweat doesn’t stink.

But while you’re upgrading you may find you stink more as you detox, and you still prefer to avoid stinky pits.

I’ve tried the natural “crystal rock” deodorants, but they never seem to be very effective for me.  Thankfully I found this amazing natural deodorant that is more effective and easier to use than anything I’ve ever seen or tried.

Lavilin Deoderant is a paste that you apply to your underarms about once a week (or maybe every 3-4 days if you notice a stink before the week is up).  After you shower, use your finger to spread a small amount of the paste lightly over your armpit.  Leave it on until the next time you shower and the paste will kill off the bacteria that cause the stink.  Usually the bacteria are gone for about a week, before they start repopulating and stinking again, and requiring another application of Lavilin.

I’ve never had the paste rub off on my clothes for the day that I have it on. And this method does not prevent sweating (like an aluminum-filled anti-persperant would – yuck!).  It’s really much better to let your body sweat when it needs to sweat, so I recommend only using a natural deodorant to kill the stink.

Vitamin D3 Natural vs. Synthetic

d3serumI did a little research on natural vitamin D3 vs. synthetic for a client and thought I’d share with y’all (I’ve lived in Texas so I get to use that phrase).

I believe that natural sources are always better because your body knows immediately what to do with it.  I don’t know if synthetic vitamin D blocks uptake of natural vitamin D (as is the case for some other elements like iodine).

Overall it seems like there isn’t concern about interaction between synthetic and natural if you are taking both (like synthetic prescribed by a doctor who doesn’t know about natural options).

Just be aware of the toxicity symptoms from too much supplemented Vitamin D …

What are toxicity symptoms for vitamin D? *

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Managing Allergies With Raw Superfoods

Here are year-round tips for reducing allergic reactions by supplementing with Raw Superfoods:  Bee Pollen (high in Histamine) and Enzymes.

In this video, David Favor, the creator of Chocolate Bliss raw superfood mix, explains the difference between using bee pollen or honey for allergies:

  • Bee pollen does not need to be local! It aids with allergies because it is high in histamine.  It’s best if it comes from a pure location, like the Pristine Bee Pollen David sources from Canada.
  • Honey, however, acts as a homeopathic, so local honey helps your body to adjust to local pollens.


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