How To Make Chocolate Bliss

Here’s a visual how-to for making Chocolate Bliss the simple and superfood-packed way we make it at home.  And as we’re making it, I’m of course sharing tips and superfood information along the way. :)

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Travel Size Chocolate Bliss Recipe

thermosWhen we travel to hotels we usually make smaller, “daily” batches of Chocolate Bliss.  We have found that an 18 ounce thermos full of Bliss (and ice) will keep one person satisfied and energized for a full-on day of workshops and events (we have successfully proven this in several situations).

Here’s how we make this smaller travel size portion of Chocolate Bliss:

Bring a small portable blender, like this Hamilton Beach blender we use.  (If you’re taking your blender in a carry-on bag, make sure the blade is NOT removable from the container.  Sometimes they check and confiscate it if it’s removable!)

Pour 8 ounces of water into the blender (seems to be the perfect amount for blending).  Add

3.75 Tbsp (1.75 oz) of Chocolate Bliss

3 Tbsp (1.5 oz) of Vanilla Agave Nectar

Blend well (this will take longer than a Vitamix since it’s so small).

Then  put this blended mixture in a 18 oz Thermos and fill it up with water, leaving about 2 inches room for ice.  Add more ice as the day progresses and you drink down the Bliss.  The Bliss will be a little extra chocolatey at the beginning of the day and just right by the end of the day as the ice melts and you continue to add more ice.

If you like to add more superfoods to your Bliss, like our Personal Bliss Recipe, the ratios are as follows:
1 Tbsp added superfood in a 1 gallon Bliss = 1/2 tsp in the 18 oz travel size Bliss
1 tsp added superfood in a 1 gallon Bliss = heaping 1/8 tsp in the 18 oz travel size Bliss

For us that means we add 1/2 tsp each of Guarana, Bee Pollen, and Tocos and 1/8 tsp Yerba Matte to our travel size Bliss.

Happy Trails!


Glass Milk Bottles

milk bottles

glass milk bottle containers

I just got these new glass milk bottles in the half gallon and pint size and I LOVE them!  They are great for containing my chocolate bliss, hemp milk, and goji lemonade … and any other liquids you like to keep in your fridge.

They come with a snap top lid that’s held up really well – for a good month of use already.  I bought extra lids just in case, but haven’t needed to change them out yet. Do make sure the lid is on well before you shake the bottle (speaking from experience).

I use 2 of the half gallon size milk bottles for my gallon of bliss.  I just fill both containers up with about half of the bliss mixture from my blender (eye-balling it) and then top them off with water.  The half gallon size is great because it has an easy grip on the side of the bottle and fits really easily in the fridge.  The bottles are also super easy to clean with a quick rinse or popping them in the dish washer.

Here’s where I found them and have ordered from:

It’s been a worthy upgrade.  Enjoy!

Testimonial for Stopping Coffee Addictions with Chocolate Bliss

Here’s our client Ann White describing her experience of using Chocolate Bliss mixed with our pristine raw Guarana and Yerba Matte to end her coffee addiction in one day while maintaining her energy and focus.


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To stop your own caffeine addictions, I suggest you add 1 Tbsp Guarana and 1 tsp of Yerba Matte to 1 gallon of Chocolate Bliss. Drink 8 ounces of this Bliss at a time – or as Ann says, sip on it over the course of the day.


You can also see Melissa’s description of how she used these raw superfoods to get off caffeine herself:

Diet Staples of Rick The Health Sleuth

Thanks to Rick the Health Sleuth for this guest posting about his use of Chocolate Bliss as a High Raw, Vegan Diet Staple. It’s nice to know there are many of us in cyber-land and the real world putting our minds, hearts, buying power and mouths into action to create healthy lives and a healthier planet. Read on for Rick’s story of how he found Bliss in his transition to a raw food diet. And be sure to subscribe to his Health Sleuth Blog for frequent awesome posts about the truth behind our nutrition, food supplies and even more health-related topics. Rick Rawks! (so say Melissa & Dan)

For the most part, not a single day goes by without someone asking me “What does a high-raw foodist eat besides salads?” I always appreciate that question when it’s coming from someone who is truly curious and open-minded. However, when the question is posed in a condescending or ignorant tone, it’s hard to respond in a courteous way. It is truly a shame that the ignorance levels about nutrition/health/wellness in this country have reached these astronomical proportions. The disinformation campaigns launched by the megacorporations over the years have led to a completely uneducated populous regarding what they are truly ingesting on a daily basis.

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