Easy-To-Use Superfoods To Start With

There are so many Raw Superfoods to choose from, where do you start?  Here are 5 that are among the easiest to adopt into your current lifestyle:

Chocolate Bliss1. Chocolate Bliss, sweetened with Vanilla Agave Nectar

Vanilla Agave NectarIt tastes like chocolate milk, it’s packed full of nutrients, and it gently detoxifies you while supporting your body’s renewal.
  • Contains no dairy, soy or gluten.
  • Can be customized to your flavor tastes – more dark or milk chocolatey by how much sweetener/bliss you put in. (Or fruity if you add the mix to a fruit smoothie).
  • The chocolate taste hides flavors of any other superfoods you might add. We add a heaping tablespoon of Vitamineral Green to a gallon of bliss and barely taste the greens.
  • Gently detoxes your body. Some superfoods, especially super herbs can detox you fast, causing diarrhea, headaches or other detox symptoms. With Chocolate Bliss, all we notice is more regular, gentler bowel movements and a gradual reduction of weight.
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All About Goji Berries – An Intro to Superfoods Part 3

Here’s Part 3 of our introductory session on Raw Superfoods. This one is all about Goji Berries, their superfood properties, how to identify good quality goji berries, and how to use goji berries in raw food recipes.

If you’d like a demo of our favorite goji berry recipe, Goji Lemonade, check out this video: