Raw Chocolate Recipes Rich In Superfoods eBook Now Available

Raw Chocolate Recipes Rich In Superfoods

At long last, my friend Courtney Clay and I have published our first raw food recipe eBook.

Of course we started with Raw Chocolate! :)

The Raw Chocolate Recipes Rich In Superfoods book gives you our top-favorite easy, homemade and healthy raw chocolate recipes, and also teaches you the keys for customizing and formulating your own decadent and delicious raw superfood treats.

Following a trusted recipe: Always Delicious.

Knowing how to create delicious chocolates every time with what superfoods you have on hand: Priceless!

We’ve also included a “glossary” of 24 powerful raw superfoods reviewed in detail for flavor, health benefits and usage; making it even easier to improvise raw food desserts that amplify your health.

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And yes, this book is volume one in a series called Raw Superfood Life.  You’ll be seeing more recipe guidebooks from us about Raw Baking, Greens and Herbal Tonics.  Stay tuned! :)

Easy-To-Use Superfoods To Start With

There are so many Raw Superfoods to choose from, where do you start?  Here are 5 that are among the easiest to adopt into your current lifestyle:

Chocolate Bliss1. Chocolate Bliss, sweetened with Vanilla Agave Nectar

Vanilla Agave NectarIt tastes like chocolate milk, it’s packed full of nutrients, and it gently detoxifies you while supporting your body’s renewal.
  • Contains no dairy, soy or gluten.
  • Can be customized to your flavor tastes – more dark or milk chocolatey by how much sweetener/bliss you put in. (Or fruity if you add the mix to a fruit smoothie).
  • The chocolate taste hides flavors of any other superfoods you might add. We add a heaping tablespoon of Vitamineral Green to a gallon of bliss and barely taste the greens.
  • Gently detoxes your body. Some superfoods, especially super herbs can detox you fast, causing diarrhea, headaches or other detox symptoms. With Chocolate Bliss, all we notice is more regular, gentler bowel movements and a gradual reduction of weight.
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Staying Warm Eating Raw Foods in the Winter

As the winter season approaches, a raw food diet becomes a bit more daunting.  Fresh produce is more accessible and plentiful during the summer months, so eating a raw diet can be more manageable.  Here are some tips to help you feel warmer while eating raw uncooked and superfoods in a colder climate:


Staying Warm While Eating Raw

Staying Warm While Eating Raw

Eat more warming foods.  Adding some spicy foods that have a warming effect not only provides a flavorful variation to your meals, but it also speeds up your metabolism and gives you that warming, satiated feeling.  Some examples of warming foods would be cinnamon, onions, cayenne, ginger, turmeric, paprika, garlic, and curry to name a few.

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Traveling With Superfoods

planeA common hurdle when introducing raw superfoods into your life is how to take your show on the road. And especially when you have the Chocolate Bliss drink as a staple, how do manage getting that through airports!?

Since Dan is a nature photographer and both of our extended families live on either coast, we have tried many kinds of travel, by car and by plane and even some camping, all with our raw superfoods in tow.

Here are our favorite tips for you to try out:

By Car
Traveling by car is of course easier than by plane since you can pack as much as you like, including the Vitamix blender. Here’s what we do when we go long-distance by car:

  • Pack a cooler full of 2 half-gallons full of Chocolate Bliss and ice. Do NOT put Vitamineral Green in this Chocolate Bliss or it will taste really nasty as it warms. I hate pouring out Bliss, but I have because it tasted so bad warmed with greens in it. ew.
  • Include celery sticks in the cooler – the sodium and water in celery balances the Chocolate Bliss nicely.
  • Yemiah’s Creamy Almond Spinach Dip goes well with the celery sticks and can help ward off any cheesy junk food you might otherwise crave.
  • Activated, salted nuts, especially pistachios and almonds are a favorite for quick snacks.
  • When you reach your destination, you can pull out the Vitamix and restock your Chocolate Bliss containers as needed.

We have driven well over 24 hours non-stop together with just us and the Chocolate Bliss to keep us going and it works awesome! Whenever it’s your turn to drive, have a swig of bliss and you’re perfectly alert and focused. When it’s time to switch drivers, the bliss won’t keep you awake and jittery like caffeine would … you can still take a nap while the other person is driving.

By Plane
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A Day In The Life Part 4: What Tools of the Trade Do You Start With?

This is a continuation of our Day in the Life Story of what we eat … this time talking about the kitchen tools we use to make especially yummy raw foods.

What Tools of the Trade Do You Start With?

Blend, Blend, BLEND!  So much of the raw food diet is facilitated by blending.  It breaks down the cell walls of foods so it’s easier to digest, enhances flavors, enables you to eat more fruits and veggies in less time, and is all-around an awesome way of eating/drinking/slurping food.
Vita-Mix 1300 TurboBlend 4500When we found raw foods, we already had a Vitamix in the house and if we didn’t we’d be getting one soon.  You can make a lot of raw foods, including our beloved Chocolate Bliss with a regular blender, but you can do so much more with a Vitamix or other high-powered blender.
We also have a small Hamilton Beach blender we got for traveling with our Bliss.

A Day In The Life Part 3: How Do You Transition To More Raw Foods?

This is a continuation of our Day in the Life Story of what we eat with suggestions on how you can easily transition to more and more raw foods in your diet…

How Do You Transition To More Raw Foods?

The first week we discovered Chocolate Bliss and the whole line of Sun Fire Super Foods, we jumped in feet first and ate almost 100% raw superfoods for the first week.  It was awesome.  You can watch our short video about transitioning to raw where we talk more about what we ate in that first week, why it was so great, and the differences we noticed from being raw.
Since then I’ve read that it’s not always recommended to go raw that quickly because you can have more detox reactions.  I didn’t. I felt great.  That might be because the Sun Fire Super Foods are designed to help you detox more gradually, or because I didn’t have major health issues (I was just a bit overweight), or just because (the answer to any persistent 2 year old).
How fast should you go raw?  However fast you feel like it.  And here’s some more support: 

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