Gingerade Sports Drink

This hydrating post-workout sports drink is not only refreshing, but replenishing!


It’s imperative to consume the right nutritional building blocks after a workout for cellular reconstruction. Both ginger and MSM aid the recovery of soft tissue injuries,and promote anti-inflammatory properties. The lemons re-hydrate the body and replace the lost electrolytes from exertion. Taking Vitamin C post workout helps clear cortisol from the body, and speed recovery.  Not only does the body lose electrolytes during exercise,  sodium is also depleted. Remineralizing with the right kind of salt is essential for hydration.

The combination of these superfoods are sure to alkalize and raise the body’s pH after a vigorous workout!

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Travel Size Chocolate Bliss Recipe

thermosWhen we travel to hotels we usually make smaller, “daily” batches of Chocolate Bliss.  We have found that an 18 ounce thermos full of Bliss (and ice) will keep one person satisfied and energized for a full-on day of workshops and events (we have successfully proven this in several situations).

Here’s how we make this smaller travel size portion of Chocolate Bliss:

Bring a small portable blender, like this Hamilton Beach blender we use.  (If you’re taking your blender in a carry-on bag, make sure the blade is NOT removable from the container.  Sometimes they check and confiscate it if it’s removable!)

Pour 8 ounces of water into the blender (seems to be the perfect amount for blending).  Add

3.75 Tbsp (1.75 oz) of Chocolate Bliss

3 Tbsp (1.5 oz) of Vanilla Agave Nectar

Blend well (this will take longer than a Vitamix since it’s so small).

Then  put this blended mixture in a 18 oz Thermos and fill it up with water, leaving about 2 inches room for ice.  Add more ice as the day progresses and you drink down the Bliss.  The Bliss will be a little extra chocolatey at the beginning of the day and just right by the end of the day as the ice melts and you continue to add more ice.

If you like to add more superfoods to your Bliss, like our Personal Bliss Recipe, the ratios are as follows:
1 Tbsp added superfood in a 1 gallon Bliss = 1/2 tsp in the 18 oz travel size Bliss
1 tsp added superfood in a 1 gallon Bliss = heaping 1/8 tsp in the 18 oz travel size Bliss

For us that means we add 1/2 tsp each of Guarana, Bee Pollen, and Tocos and 1/8 tsp Yerba Matte to our travel size Bliss.

Happy Trails!


Levitation Lemonade

Levitation Lemonade

Levitation Lemonade

My friend Courtney Clay came up with this super hydrating, nourishing, yummy tasting lemonade that’s quick to make and easy to customize to your desired tastes and nutrient requirements.  She calls it Levitation Lemonade.  I didn’t ask her why – I was too busy levitating. :)

This lemonade has been a life saver for us in the over 100 degree heat we get during Texas summers, after workouts, after sweating at my favorite Korean spa, and especially when we were camping and hiking at high altitudes in Colorado this summer.

In the past I’ve gotten altitude sickness very easily (in Colorado and at Yosemite National Park).  It’s not pretty.  Before my raw superfood adventures I tried to combat the altitude sickness with Gatorade-type electrolyte drinks, water, and Ibuprofen (to thin my blood).  While these things helped a little, they didn’t help a lot and I’m just not willing to put that stuff in my body anymore (well, except for the water).

This time, Dan and I drank 1 quart of Levitation Lemonade between us every day (in addition to the copious amounts of water I always drink) and we never experienced ANY altitude sickness.  What a blessing!  Perhaps the lemonade lifted our insides to the same altitude we had taken our bodies?

When you’re ready to re-hydrate, keep cool, and support your body’s natural inclination to levitation, here’s a basic recipe to get you started:

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Orange Julius Upgraded

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

This is one of my favorite breakfast smoothies to play with – it tastes a bit like an upgraded Orange Julius (if you remember those mall days way back when) :)

Orange Carrot Ginger Bee Pollen Hemp  Juice/Smoothie for breakfast. Sunshine in a glass!

Juiced 3 oranges and 3 carrots for about 2 cups of juice

Blended that juice with about 1-2 Tbsp Bee Pollen, 1-2 Tbsp Hemp Seeds and about 1 inch of ginger (peel off the brown skin)

I’m estimating the amounts of bee pollen and hemp seeds because I really just dumped some in there.  I tend to be creative like that in the kitchen. :)

You can adjust this smoothie by using just orange juice, orange/mango juice (yummm!), or grapefruit juice.  Blending the juice with hemp seeds makes it that creamy frothy taste like an orange creamsicle.





Kombucha Mama

A Fabulous source for probiotics (the good bacteria in your digestive tract), a tasty effervescent (bubbly) raw drink, and even a nice alternative to wine or beer, Kombucha has been around for ages.  Really, like it was a traditional drink in China and Russia.

Kombucha is a drink made from a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast), Tea (black or green), Sugar (that the SCOBY eats up), and water.

You can find Kombucha in the stores (Synergy brand is common) for upwards of $3.50 for a 16 ounce bottle.  Or you can make your own for cheap!

Here are my tips for making your own … it’s super fun (unless you are easily grossed out by slimy mushrooms)

First you’ll need a Kombucha Mother also known as a SCOBY (see above), mushroom, or I like to call mine “Scobylicious Mama”.  You can buy scobies online, but it’s way easier and more fun to grow your own.

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Raw Superfood & Super Herb Elixir Demo

Here are two videos from our Raw Superfood Dinner where I demonstrated and talked in detail about how to make a raw Superfood and Super Herb Elixir.

This recipe is inspired by Daniel Vitalis’ Elixir Craft.  Here I talk in detail about the steps of making a super herb tea, then an herbal nut milk, and with the third step (part 2 video), a raw, warm elixir smoothie drink. Yumm!

For the written version of these recipes, here’s the detailed version I’m making here:

and here’s a short-cut version that I recently created (and talk about in the video):

Also, you can find the herbs I mention in this video at Mountain Rose Herbs:


Watch this Part 1 video on youtube

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