Levitation Lemonade

Levitation Lemonade

Levitation Lemonade

My friend Courtney Clay came up with this super hydrating, nourishing, yummy tasting lemonade that’s quick to make and easy to customize to your desired tastes and nutrient requirements.  She calls it Levitation Lemonade.  I didn’t ask her why – I was too busy levitating. :)

This lemonade has been a life saver for us in the over 100 degree heat we get during Texas summers, after workouts, after sweating at my favorite Korean spa, and especially when we were camping and hiking at high altitudes in Colorado this summer.

In the past I’ve gotten altitude sickness very easily (in Colorado and at Yosemite National Park).  It’s not pretty.  Before my raw superfood adventures I tried to combat the altitude sickness with Gatorade-type electrolyte drinks, water, and Ibuprofen (to thin my blood).  While these things helped a little, they didn’t help a lot and I’m just not willing to put that stuff in my body anymore (well, except for the water).

This time, Dan and I drank 1 quart of Levitation Lemonade between us every day (in addition to the copious amounts of water I always drink) and we never experienced ANY altitude sickness.  What a blessing!  Perhaps the lemonade lifted our insides to the same altitude we had taken our bodies?

When you’re ready to re-hydrate, keep cool, and support your body’s natural inclination to levitation, here’s a basic recipe to get you started:

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Chocolate Sauce & Raspberry Sauce

Raw Chocolate Sauce & Raw Raspberry Sauce

Raw Chocolate Sauce & Raw Raspberry Sauce

At our recent Raw Superfood Dinner & Class we served up our favorite Raw Cheesecake with raw chocolate and raspberry sauces on the plate.  These sauces are super quick and easy to make and can be used on, well anything, especially great on your fingers for licking off. :)

Raw Chocolate Sauce

½ Cup Cacao Powder

¼ Cup Coconut Oil (melted)

¼ Cup Vanilla Agave Nectar

Put the cacao powder in a small mixing bowl and make sure it doesn’t have any lumps.  If you find any, press them against the side of the bowl with a spoon to separate them.

Add the melted coconut oil and agave and stir or whisk until smooth.  Keep this at room temperature so that it’s easy to drizzle or pour.

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Practical High Performance Health Practices

Here’s another interview with David Favor about a bunch of stuff we’ll just call “Practical High Performance Health Practices”

David Favor is the creator of the SunFire Super Foods brand (which includes Chocolate Bliss) and he’s a wealth of information!

This is over an hour of David Favor and I talking about all this great stuff:

  • Comparison of mineral supplements to whole, raw superfoods
  • How to listen to your cravings to discover and correct your nutrient deficiencies
  • Why Salt is your friend, Supplements not so much
  • Alcoholics and Sugar as a metaphor for Junk Food Addictions
  • Managing Guru Advice and Upgrading to Your Own Body’s Wisdom
  • Cacao, Coffee & Caffeine – Beyond the Myths
  • Learn how very careful David is in sourcing the raw superfoods for the SunFire Super Foods brand


Watch/listen on blip tv: http://blip.tv/thedavidfavor/2011-02-09-practical-high-performance-health-practices-4834293


Here are a few notes I made to help guide you through the audio/video:

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Raw Superfoods & Diabetes: An Interview with David Favor

In June I had the pleasure of interviewing David Favor ( the creator of SunFire Super Foods awesome products http://www.RadicalHealth.com ) about using raw superfoods when you have diabetes.  (I apologize for taking so long to put this up!)

David has already posted an awesome audio “protocol” about how raw superfoods can help address diabetes.  Here are the basic steps which we discuss in detail in the videos:

1)      Chocolate Bliss taken throughout 1 day with Digestive Enzymes with and between meals.  Check sugar throughout day to see the impact of enzymes and Bliss on your body systems

2)      Unload stress on pancreas:

a)      Enzymes with and between each meal

b)      Use easy to digest foods (raw superfoods)

c)      No processed foods

3)      Add good quality Salt to diet.

a)      Allows you to hydrate/keep water in your system.

b)      Regenerates adrenals/thyroid which may be mis-communicating with pancreas or whole metabolism

4)      Add B Complex for corrupt DNA (especially Type 1 diabetes)

5)      Clean out viral/fungus/bacteria with MMS

6)      Clean out chemicals / metals with herbs (Chem-Free & Metal-Free)


Here’s Part 1 of the interview, covering these topics:
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Not All Agave is Created Equal

Today Mercola posted an article basically ripping apart agave nectar, claiming that it is far worse than high fructose corn syrup. Some of us feel Mercola is a bit too simplistic in his thinking and that he may even have the hidden agenda of creating controversy so people forward his articles. It seems to be working! :-)

There does seem to be a lot of controversy around agave these days. David Favor, the creator of SunFire Super Foods (the brand of agave we distribute), has posted this link is to earlier questions and responses about agave: http://radicalhealth.com/super-foods/vanilla-agave-nectar-decoded.html

Additionally, David’s response to Mercola’s article is this:

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