Raw Superfood & Super Herb Elixir Demo

Here are two videos from our Raw Superfood Dinner where I demonstrated and talked in detail about how to make a raw Superfood and Super Herb Elixir.

This recipe is inspired by Daniel Vitalis’ Elixir Craft.  Here I talk in detail about the steps of making a super herb tea, then an herbal nut milk, and with the third step (part 2 video), a raw, warm elixir smoothie drink. Yumm!

For the written version of these recipes, here’s the detailed version I’m making here:

and here’s a short-cut version that I recently created (and talk about in the video):

Also, you can find the herbs I mention in this video at Mountain Rose Herbs:


Watch this Part 1 video on youtube

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Quick & Easy Super Elixirs

superfood elixirIn the winter time I crave warm food and drink and the Magic Superfood Elixir recipe really satisfies.  But sometimes I don’t feel like going through all those intricate steps and waiting all that time … I want warm yummyness now!

So, here’s my quick and easy way to make a superfood, super herb elixir … YAY! :)

1. Find some super herbs you want to use.

The quick way of doing this is to browse the tea aisle of your local natural grocery store.  There’s usually a brand like Traditional Medicinals that has pre-packaged herbs and herb combinations for many different situations.  There’s stuff for memory, PMS, sinus infections, immune enhancement, etc. etc.  On the box it should say whether you can take that tea every day (like a tonic) or if you should use it for shorter periods of time (more potent or with side effects on prolonged usage).

My new favorite way to find super herbs is through my favorite online herb source: Mountain Rose Herbs.  Their herbs have always been the freshest and highest quality I’ve found.  And, they’ve got some great herbal tea blends that take the guess work out of which herbs to use for what bodily systems / symptoms.

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Magic Superfood Elixirs

I’ve been inspired by Daniel Vitalis’s visit to Dallas and his ElixirCraft to create my own warming, superfood elixirs.  Wow, are these yummy, warm, hearty meals in a cup!  Here’s a basic recipe to get you started and some links for you to play with …

Melissa’s Magic Superfood Elixir

Step 1: The Super Herb Tea Base

8 Cups Pure Water
1/4 Cup Pau D’Arco bark (antifungal)
1/4 Cup Cats Claw bark (antiviral)
1/2 inch Galanga (you could use Ginger, but Galanga is more anti-inflammatory and a little peppery.  Find it at your local Asian grocery store)
1/4 Cup Goji Berries, chopped so their seeds are exposed (high in anti-oxidants, lightly sweetens the tea)
1/4 Cup Coconut Flakes (fat that can withstand heat and keeps giving you energy after the sugars have burned off)
1 Vanilla Bean shell (save the scooped-out vanilla bean seeds for later in the process)

Bring all ingredients to a low, simmering boil for at least 45 minutes and up to 12 hours.  Strain off fibers and put liquid into your high-powered blender.

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