Dandelion Vinegar

dandelionsSpring is time for dandelions and liver support!  If your yard is organic (or you know of one that is), and you see dandelions blooming, pluck those little flower heads!

The yellow flowers are high in lecithin and support liver health.

I feel like a honeybee as I buzz over my yard and collect the dandelion flowers.


Once you’ve got a bunch, fill a glass mason jar (that has a lid) with the flowers.  Really pack them in there.

dandelions and acvPour Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) over the top until all the flowers are covered.

Cover with a lid (ideally a plastic lid since the vinegar will eat a metal lid … or put a layer of saran between the liquid and the metal lid).

Let this nectar sit on your counter (out of direct light) for about 6 weeks, and give it a shake once a day.

After 6 weeks, strain the vinegar and compost the dandelions (or leave them in there for the visual effect).

Use this Dandelion Vinegar anywhere you would eat ACV, for example:

  • A quick shot glass of Dandelion ACV chased by water in the morning will put some zing in your step and keep your liver smiling
  • Mixed with some olive oil and Fiesta Mole it makes a tasty salad dressing

All About Cleansing – Our First of Four 10-day Cleanses

Day 7 of Juice Feasting Cleanse

Day 7 of Juice Feasting Cleanse

This year we are doing four 10-day cleanses, each timed with an equinox or solstice.

I’ve heard it’s good to cleanse 1 day for every year you have lived, and this year I will have gone around the sun 40 times.  Woo hoo!  In celebration I am honoring my body (and mind) with some self-designed cleanses … so of course I’m going to share them with you. :)

My mate Dan is choosing to go on this journey with me because, as he says, “I like to do what you do.”  Also, since I’m the primary creator of delicious eats in our house, it’s easy for him to drink what I drink and it’s also easier for me to make juice for two than for one.  I love how things have that way of working out wonderfully for us.

We are starting with the vernal (spring) equinox for our first cleanse.  With the change of the seasons from winter into spring it’s natural to feel inspired to do a little spring cleaning – inside and outside of your body.  I love what my friend Rick The Health Sleuth says about equinox cleansing:

“Equinoxes represent renewal as the seasons change; and the body’s internal clock recognizes them and proceeds to undertake its natural cleansing and detoxification processes during that time.  The vernal equinox is an excellent time to do an herbal cleanse, juice feast, water fast, juice fast, kidney flush, liver and gallbladder flush, or whatever other detoxification process that one feels called to try.”

To help you intuit and decide what to incorporate into your next cleanse, I’ve described below (in this now quite long post/article!) what I think about some of the cleansing options I’m aware of, followed by the guidelines I used for our “2012 Vernal Equinox Cleanse

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Stopping Migraines With Food

I don’t get migraines, but I’ve run across a few people who do, so I thought I’d share what has worked for them.

Here’s what my friend Mae says:
“When I have that heavy or painful feeling starting I take these for a few days.  I use the Transformation brand:  2 ExcellZymes, 3 CalmZymes (sometimes I only do 2 (I am small), 1 Protease IFC.  So far this has been an awesome remedy for me.  I have been using more of the CalmZymes on a regular basis and it helps me be more relaxed and I believe my muscles stay less tense.”


And here are the website links I found for the products she recommends:
Another friend found that using all three enzymes on a regular basis worked best for her.  Just like anything, it’s best if you experiment and customize it for you.
I’ve also heard that migraines can often be caused from liver issues – that the liver is unable to process all the toxins in the body and so they float around in the bloodstream which can particularly hurt in the smaller capillaries around your head.
So, of course a liver cleanse would be a good idea.  Here’s my post where I talk about the liver cleanse I did:
liver cleanse bookAnd I highly suggest the book The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz.  It’ll walk you through the whole process and it’s very easy.
Also, for all the people with migraines I’ve talked to, adding Chocolate Bliss to their daily diet has helped.  Perhaps that’s because Bliss will gradually and gently detox you and all those toxins floating around in your sensitive head capillaries.  Plus, it’s nice to have some soothing, good-for-you chocolate to drink when you’re not feeling your best.
Hope that helps all your headaches.  And let me know if you find any other awesome solutions!

Results of My First Liver Cleanse

I hope I don’t gross you out.  I’m fascinated by what my body produces even though these little babies were clogging up my system.

Here’s a pic of the gallstones I just released in my first liver cleanse:

That’s a penny for comparison.
I’ve actually done a liver cleanse once before, about a year ago, but I didn’t follow all the instructions and didn’t get anything out.
This time I followed the instructions to the letter in the new book The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse.  I guess drinking the Epsom Salts made all the difference.  And all that apple juice the week before.
Did it hurt?
Nope.  I had a bit of a headache the day of the cleanse and I laid low, reading my book and watching movies, but nothing hurt while it was coming out.  That’s the beauty of drinking apple juice before the cleanse – it softens up the gallstones.

Would you do it again?

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