Green Gobblers

Green Gobblers

Melissa gobbling up a Green Gobbler

My good friend Courtney came up with this recipe she calls snickerdoodles and while I love, Love, LOVE these snacks, the name “snickerdoodle” just doesn’t work for me.  I mean, they’re green.  Snickerdoodle cookies aren’t green.

So, since the name keeps throwing me off I’ve decided to call them Green Gobblers … they are green and I can just gobble them all up (even though they are green).

Try out this recipe and I think you’ll see what I mean – the sweet taste packed full of protein and green goodness will have you coming back for more.


2/3 Cup Hemp Seeds

1/3 Cup Lucuma Powder

2 Tbsp Blue-Green Algae (or Vitamineral Green or another favorite green powder)

½ Tbsp Vanilla Extract

¼ tsp Sun Fire Salt

1 tsp Cinnamon

¼ tsp Nutmeg

1/3 Cup Coconut Oil (melted)

2 Tbsp Honey (or Vanilla Agave Nectar)

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Warming and Raw Celery Sunflower Soup

My friend Laura concocted this soup and I find it’s a very warming and filling raw soup.  Plus it’s a great way to get more greens (always good!) without feeling like you’re eating a bunch of, well, greens.

Here’s the very simple recipe…

Blend the following items until smooth:
1/2 Cup Sunflower Seeds
(if you don’t have a Vitamix that can handle pulverizing these, grind them in a food processor or coffee grinder first)
3 Cups Water
2 Tbsp Sun Dried Tomatoes or Tomato Concentrate Powder
2 Tbsp Fiesta Mole powder
1/4 tsp Curry powder
1/4 tsp Chipotle powder
4 stalks celery
1/2 tsp Sun Fire Salt
1/2 tsp Blue Green Algae
1/2 tsp Vitamineral Green
2 Tbsp Olive Oil, Flax Seed Oil or Hemp Oil

When you serve this straight from the blender it’s already a little warm.  You can refrigerate it for about 3-4 days.  I found that even eating it cold there was a warming effect on my body, probably because of all the spices in there.


Green Flax Crackers – A Favorite

We don’t make any other kind of flax crackers anymore – we love these so much.

You need a dehydrator to pull this off, but it’s worth it! Yummy, good for you, and did I say yummy?

Here’s the recipe:

Green Crackers

2 Cups Golden Flax Seeds

2 Cups Sunflower Seeds (soaked and rinsed)

2 Tbsp Sun Dried Tomatoes or Tomato Concentrate

1/2 Tbsp Vitamineral Green mixed greens powder

1/2 Tbsp Blue-Green Algae

1/2 Cup Dulse

2 tsp Sun Fire Salt

1/2 tsp Fiesta Mole

1 tsp Curry powder

1/2 tsp Chipotle powder

5 Cups Water

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Green Is Good Smoothie

Green Smoothie Vitamineral GreenI’ve been a fruit smoothie drinker all my life, but now that I have plenty of sweetness everyday with my Chocolate Bliss, I actually crave more greens. This Green Is Good Smoothie recipe is my favorite way of getting greens without tasting too, well, green.

The Vitamineral Green powder is actually pretty yummy and I even put it in my Chocolate Bliss to make sure I’m getting plenty of superfood, alkalizing greens in my diet.  I eat lettuce and celery and sometimes some kale too, but my most powerful mineralization comes from Vitamineral Green. OK, so enough chit-chat … here’s the recipe:

Green Is Good Smoothie

2 Cups        Coconut Milk

2 Tbsp        Hemp Seeds

2 Tbsp        Tocotrienols

2 Tbsp        Vitamineral Green

2                 Bananas (frozen or fresh)

Add all ingredients to a Vitamix or other high-powered blender and blend until smooth. Drink immediately. This is a great smoothie for getting essential oils and fiber that help you to regulate your digestive tract. The vitamineral green has no aftertaste and the banana and almond milk make the smoothie slightly sweet. Enjoy!