About Unavailable Items

When an item is unavailable, we may not know exactly when it is coming back into stock. There are often fluctuations in availability of superfoods based on harvesting seasons and processing times.

As soon as out of stock items are back on our shelves the website is updated to show their availability.

Please email us if you'd like to be notified when a superfood comes back into stock.

Here's what we know about our currently out of stock items:

Rain Forest Rush

Our supplier is working on an estimate for when this will be available again. We recommend you use Raw Guarana as a substitute in the meantime.

Please email us if you'd like to be notified when this item is in stock.

Yerba Matte

We only source Pristine, Raw Yerba Matte via David Favor of Radical Health. Apparently there has been a shortage of supply of many Rain Forest botanicals and yerba matte has not yet been available.

Please email us if you'd like to be notified when this item is in stock.


No Longer Offered at Loving Superfoods:

B Complex, D3 Serum, Oleuropein & Allicidin

We are no longer carrying products from Quantum Nutrition Labs. We still use and highly recommend their products. You can order directly from QNL: http://quantumnutrition.com/ or conveniently on Amazon:
B Complex
D3 Serum
Oleuropein (Olive Leaf Immune)
Garlicidin (Allicidin)

Goji Berries

We are no longer carrying goji berries in stock. We recommend the Tibetan Goji Berries available from Earth Circle Organics.

Primal Vitamin C

We are no longer carrying Primal Vitamin C in stock. Instead we recommend the Truly Natural Vitamin C for a high quality, natural vitamin C at less cost.

Seaweed Energy

It doesn't look like our supplier will carry Seaweed Energy anymore. As an alternative, we suggest Dulse Flakes and Kelp Flakes from Maine Coast Seaweed company available here.


It doesn't look like our supplier will carry Vitalize anymore. Our best suggestion is to work with an herbalist who is familiar with the herbs that were in it: Cleavers, Marigold Flowers, Pau D'Arco Bark, Red Raspberry Leaves, White Peony, Basil, Wild Lettuce. If we find another solution, we will post it here. 

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