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bali cacao powder
Bali Cacao Powder
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Mayan Gold Chocolate Powder is an amazing Super Food. Chocolate has 1200+ active constituents. Its high magnesium supports calcium metabolism for peak bone density. Its high chromium supports sugar metabolism for stable blood sugar levels.

Mayan Gold Chocolate Powder has the majority of shell debris removed for a smooth, rich, premium chocolate taste, free of bitterness, burnt after taste and chemicals which contribute to "caffeine jitters".

Continual use of Mayan Gold Chocolate Powder may lead to persistent bliss, euphoria and clarity of life purpose.

Bali Cacao Powder comes from Big Tree Farms in Indonesia (a source highly touted by David Wolfe, a raw cacao expert). We've found that both the Bali Cacao Powder and the SunFire Super Foods Mayan Gold Cacao Powder are high quality, excellent choices for continuous use and enjoyment.

13 oz Cacao Powder

$25 + S/H

16 oz Bali Cacao Powder

$24 + S/H


Cacao Powder Ingredients

Pristine cacao powder.

About the Ingredients

Mayan Gold Cacao Powder is a SunFire Super Food offered via David Favor / Radical Health in Austin, TX

All ingredients are raw. This is a Pristine product.

Cold processed for immaculate freshness. Acquired from the cleanest sources. Far exceeds Certified Organic standards. Protected from irradiation, X-rays, truck/ship/plane exhaust fumes and overheated warehouses.

Bali Cacao Powder is imported by Earth Circle Organics from Big Tree Farms in Bali, Indonesia. It is a 100% Raw and Organic cacao powder.

Recipes Using Cacao / Raw Chocolate Powder

Laura's Bliss Kisses

4 Tbsp Mayan Gold Cacao (Chocolate) Powder or Chocolate Bliss powder
$25 + S/H
4 Tbsp


$20 + S/H
¼ tsp Sun Fire Salt
$20 + S/H
1½ Tbsp Vanilla Agave Nectar
1½ Tbsp Coconut Oil or Cacao Butter
$18 + S/H

1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
$18 + S/H
1 Tbsp Goji Berries
1 Tbsp Cacao Nibs
½ tsp Vitamineral Green or Blue-Green Algae
$60 + S/H
2 drops Orange Essential Oil  
3/4 tsp Cinnamon  

Stir the dry ingredients together in a bowl. If you are including any of the optional ingredients, add them in now too. If you decide to add any of the powdered greens, I suggest you also add the orange essential oil or cinnamon to cover any potential "green flavor".

Add the Coconut Oil and Agave Nectar and stir. It works best and is more fun to get your hands into the mix now and really mush all the ingredients together so that the oil and agave bind the dry ingredients well.

Create small teaspoon-size drops of the mixture and place them on wax paper. You can see pictures of the size and yummy messiness. You will get about 10 little bliss kisses per recipe. Freeze your bliss kisses for best taste and longevity, though you may find that after licking your fingers you desire to eat them all up quickly.

You can also use Carob in your bliss kisses to make a sweeter kiss. Try using half Cacao and half Carob or substituting Carob for the Tocotrienols in the recipe.

For an extra-creamy and more truffle-like bliss kiss that can sit out at room temperature, substitute Cacao Butter for the Coconut Oil. Mmmmmm. Enjoy!


Best Brownies Ever

3 Cups Brazil Nuts  
1 tsp Sun Fire Salt
$20 + S/H
3 Cups Dates (Medjool Dates are best - you will need to pit them!)
2 Tbsp Vanilla Extract  
1 Cup Carob Powder
$15 + S/H
1/4 Cup Cacao Powder
$25 + S/H
1/4 Cup Mesquite Powder
$13 + S/H
1 Cup Hemp Seeds
$30 + S/H
1/4 Cup Bee Pollen
$30 + S/H
3/4 Cup Chopped Walnuts or Pecans  

Add the brazil nuts and salt to a food processor and grind as fine as you can before it starts to turn into a creamy paste/butter.  (Note that you do not need to soak brazil nuts – they don’t have enzyme inhibitors like most other nuts).  Add the dates and vanilla to the food processor and process until a smooth cake batter like consistency (you may want to add the dates a few at a time).

In a separate bowl add all the remaining ingredients and mix well.  Add the nut/date mixture to the blended dry ingredients and mix thoroughly (best if kneaded by your hands – and more fun).

Put the brownie mix into a 9×12 pan and spread evenly, pressing down with your hands to make a uniform appearance in the pan.

For more details on this recipe and updates, please visit the blog posting for our Best Brownies Ever.





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