Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds taste slightly sweet (low glycemic), creamy with rich nutty, buttery and heavy cream flavors.

Hemp seed uses include hemp milk, smoothies, salad dressings and eating by the handful. Hemp seeds have an adaptive flavor. They can be used in both sweet or savory (non-sweet) recipes. Hemp seeds tend to amplify whatever flavors are present with them, especially sweeteners like Agave Nectar and pungent spices.

Hemp Seeds are rich in protein (33%+), Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), GLA, Chlorophyll, and SDA (Stearidonic Acid) which have been shown to increase DHA/EPA concentrations in eye and brain tissue.

An excellent vegan source for protein and energy. Those who consume 5 Tablespoons of Hemp Seeds (with raw fruits and veggies) for breakfast notice that they have enough energy for the entire day, that they expel wastes after every meal, and that they are not hungry again until mid-afternoon.

Did you know?
Hemp fiber was used for clothes, sails and ropes of ships colonizing our world. The Declaration of Independence is written on Hemp paper. America was the world's largest Hemp producer through the 1940's until the paper, clothing and soybean lobbies joined forces to ban THC-free Hemp, to increase their profits.

What's the difference between brands?

Hemp Seeds & Hemp Hearts Ingredients

Hemp Seeds

About the Ingredients
There is no THC in these Hemp Seeds.

SunFire Super Foods Hemp Seeds are a Pristine product. Cold processed and cold stored for immaculate freshness. Acquired from the cleanest sources.

Exceeds Certified Organic standards, including free of all Excipients (toxic fillers, flowing/drying agents), X-rays, Irradiation, Exhaust Fumes, Oxidation, Sugar, Dairy, Gluten.

The Hemp Seeds are a SunFire Super Foods offered via David Favor / Radical Health in Austin, TX.

Nutrition Label:
Serving size of 2 Tbsp (16g) contains 100 calories (70 from Fat), 5g Protein, 8g Total Fat (.5g Saturated Fat, 6g Polyunsaturated Fat, 1g Monounsaturated Fat), 1g Carbohydrate, and 15% Daily Value of Iron.


Hemp Hearts Hemp Seeds are free of pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, eggs, nuts, dairy, soy and gluten. They were produced as whole seeds on farms which commonly grow peas, oil seed and cereal crops.

Hemp Hearts come from Rocky Mountain Grain Products in Alberta, Canada.

Nutrition Label:
Serving Size of 5 Tbsp (55g) contains 314 calories, from 20g Protein, 23.2g Unsaturated fat (14.9 g omega 6, 4.7 g omega 3, 3.5 g omega 9), 2.7g Saturated fat, 5.9g Carbohydrates, 3.3g Fiber, 2.6mg Iron, 40.6mg Calcium, 5mg Sodium, 5mg Vitamin E, .55mg Vitamin C, .07mg vitamin B6, .18mg Vitamin B2, .76mg Vitamin B1, 1200 IU Vitamin D, 2.2 IU Vitamin A, .38g Potassium, .4g Phosphorus.


What's The Difference Between Brands?

In a hemp-shell, the difference between the two brands of Hemp Seeds we carry seems to be taste and price.

  • SunFire Super Foods Hemp Seeds seem to be a little softer and more buttery-flavored than Hemp Hearts.
  • Hemp Hearts are a very good price: $10 less per pound than SunFire Super Foods.

Which should you choose?

If you are eating the hemp seeds straight or you have a very sensitive digestive system, we think the SunFire Super Foods brand is a great choice.

If you are using the hemp seeds in smoothies or energy bars, we don't think you'll notice any flavor difference and the Hemp Hearts can save you some money.


Recipes Using Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds are a staple, necessary ingredient in Superfood Bowls and Cosmic Chocolate Balls. They can also be sprinkled on top of salads, soups or other foods. Here are some of our other favorite recipes using hemp seeds.


Hemp Milk


Hemp Milk

Homemade hemp milk tastes soooo much better than what you can find at a store. It's quick and easy to make and can be stored in the fridge.

Hemp milk is also very satisfying and filling. It even satisfies the hunger of growing, super-athletic teenagers.

Hemp Milk Recipe

Green Gobblers

Green Gobblers

These treats are an excellent way of sneaking powdered greens past anyone. Green Gobblers taste sweet, like snickerdoodle cookies, and we never notice a green aftertaste.

They are named Green Gobblers because we gobble them up fast!

Green Gobblers Recipe



BeLoved Chocolate Bites


BeLoved Chocolate Bites

Replace store-bought and low-quality chocolates with your own, homemade raw chocolate treats.

These treats are quick and easy to make and satisfy chocolate cravings while upgrading your health.

BeLoved Chocolate Bites Recipe


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