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Ground mesquite powder taste like an aromatic blend of cinnamon, chocolate, and coffee. This USDA Organic, Kosher mesquite flour is made from the seedpods of the mesquite tree from Argentina.

Like many other desert plants, the mesquite tree super concentrates nutrients in its seeds to compensate for the harsh environment. Consequently, it is so nutritious and mineral-rich that many consider it a superfood.

Mesquite powder is very high in magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, fiber, and digestible proteins (including lysine). It also acts as an antioxidant, and its glycemic index is low in spite of its sweet taste.

Mesquite can be used as either a gluten-free flour or a superfood seasoning. 

As a flour, the most favorable and flavorful outcome occurs when mesquite powder constitutes from ten to twenty percent by weight of the total flour mixture (we suggest you combine it with coconut flour or almond flour). 

As a spice, you can sprinkle mesquite meal on almost anything to add flavor. It tastes especially yummy in Chocolate Bliss or other cacao-related smoothies of your own design.

About Mesquite Powder

For 2000 years, mesquite flour was a staple food of Native Americans from the Texas to California area, because mesquite trees thrive in arid climates where other crops wither. Mesquite pods were one of the most significant foods of the desert Apache, Pima, Cahuilla, Maricopa, Yuma, Mohave, and Hopi tribes.

Mesquite trees have small green leaves and yellow hanging seedpods. Mesquite flour is made by washing the pods with water, sorting them for quality, milling and sieving the pods to isolate the most flavorful portion of the pods in the same fashion that Indians did for centuries using stone mortars.

Suggested Uses of Mesquite Powder

Use Mesquite Powder as a super-nutritious seasoning in your favorite superfood recipes. If you'd like to make a chai-spiced Chocolate Bliss, stir it into the glass you're drinking in the moment (we've discovered that Mesquite blended into water doesn't keep well, even in the fridge).

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