MSM (Methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is a naturally-occurring form of the mineral sulfur. It is primarily used for building and repairing connective tissue, maintaining healthy joints, increasing flexibility, hastening athletic recovery, and promoting beauty of the skin, hair and nails. MSM is commonly used for helping treat or prevent osteoarthritis. Some researchers have suggested that MSM has anti-inflammatory effects.

Pure MSM is derived from Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). Both have powerful solvent action. MSM is preferable, as its action is better suited to human biology. DMSO penetrates tissue boundaries, while MSM follows and supports tissue boundary integrity, especially when used in the presence of Natural State, berry-based Vitamin C (Camu, Acerola, etc.).

Because of MSM's solvent action, it's important that it be plant-derived, distilled, and excipient-free, as MSM may act as a carrier, amplifying excipient action (T-Cell destruction and blocking nutrient uptake). Excipient-free MSM appears as small shards of glass when held up to light, while excipient-laced MSM appears as small, round beads.


MSM Ingredients

MSM (Methyl-sulfonyl-methane) that is excipient free and distilled from plant sources.

This is offered via Radical Health

Recipes Using MSM

Add MSM powder to your drinking water to taste (try one teaspoon in 16 oz. water).
Even more effective mixed with Natural vitamin C powder.

Levitation Lemonade

Levitation Lemonade

My friend Courtney Clay came up with this super hydrating, nourishing, yummy tasting lemonade that’s quick to make and easy to customize to your desired tastes and nutrient requirements.  She calls it Levitation Lemonade.  I didn’t ask her why – I was too busy levitating.

This lemonade has been a life saver for us in the over 100 degree heat we get during Texas summers, after workouts, after sweating at my favorite Korean spa, and especially when we were camping and hiking at high altitudes in Colorado this summer.

When you’re ready to re-hydrate, keep cool, and support your body’s natural inclination to levitation, this customizable recipe will be your best friend.

Levitation Lemonade Recipe


Chocolate Bliss

Galactic Green Juice

This juice is easy to make (in your blender!), so delicious, and so health-fully energizing!

It looks dark green, but all you taste is the sweetness of apples with a little tart of lemon. It is deeply satisfying nutritionally - all your cells will thank you.

Making this juice in your blender means there may be some fibrous bits of lemon or celery.  This is great because it prompts you to chew a little as you drink which activates your salivary glands and your digestive juices. 

Galactic Green Juice Recipe




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