Seaweed Energy

100 capsules Seaweed Energy

As an alternative, we suggest Dulse Flakes and Kelp Flakes from Maine Coast Seaweed company available here.


Seaweed Energy supports peak adrenal, thyroid and parathyroid function. Also great as a condiment in addition to Sun Fire Salt.

Open caps and sprinkle on foods, especially avocados and salads.

If you are eating a healthy diet and still unable to achieve your ideal body weight, it may be that your thyroid is imbalanced and not properly nourished. Often increasing your intake of high quality, natural state, non-irradiated, biologically available iodine (from Dulse Seaweed especially) can help to reboot your thyroid. A balanced thyroid can then reboot and increase your metabolism.

Seaweed Energy Ingredients

Dulse powder, Kelp powder, Custom Mineral Blend.

About the Ingredients
This herbal blend is free of excipients (fillers and non-nutrients).

This is a SunFire Super Food offered via David Favor / Radical Health in Austin, TX

Recipes Using Seaweed Energy

Open caps and sprinkle on foods, especially avocados and salads.

Suggested use is 1-3 caps, 1-3 times daily or as directed by your health care practitioner.

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