Shipping Information

We ship lightening fast via US Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail. Most orders go out same day or next day.

If you cannot accept shipment by US Postal Service, please email us or call 214-717-3321 to find another way.


Shipping Prices

Our shipping prices are based on the number of products that fit into the USPS flat rate boxes.

Below is a chart of time and cost estimates based on the "weight" of your package.

The "weight" assigned to our products is not actual weight, but designed to match the number of products that fit in the box.

The standard-sized jars we sell are "weighted" as 1lb, so you can typically get 1-6 jars for $12.50 shipping.

Estimated Shipping/Handling Time and Cost

Continental US
(2-4 days)
(3-7 days)
(3-7 days)
(6-10 days)
<1 lb
1-6 lbs
6-12 lbs
12 lbs and up

** The $50 is a catchall for large orders. We can often ship for less, and we will refund the difference.


Shipping Refunds

Sometimes we can ship for less than our automated system charges and we refund you the difference. You'll get an email letting you know how much was refunded.

If you require an exact shipping amount, please email us or call 214-717-3321.


Free Shipping

We offer a one time free shipping deal for our newsletter subscribers who give us a testimonial about their experience with the superfoods. To get in on this deal, sign up for our newsletter.


Orders Outside the USA and Canada

All orders are for shipment to the USA and Canada only.

For orders outside of USA and Canada you can use a mail forwarding service such as or


Out Of Stock Items

On rare occasions an item you order may have just run out of stock. If this happens we will email you to let you know about the delay and an estimated date of delivery.



David Favor of SunFire Super Foods offers a 100% guarantee on all his superfoods. If you are not satisfied with a superfood, please email us or call 214-717-3321.

When you ship it back to us we will refund you the price of the superfood.


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