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Superfood ConsultationGot questions about superfoods?

Need help deciding what to buy for your specific taste preferences and body needs?

Wanna know how to maximize your superfood benefits while minimizing your investment?

Call us for a Superfood Consultation and we'll answer your questions.

Call 214-717-3321. Melissa will either start your superfood consultation immediately or schedule your consultation for the next available opportunity.

Or email us! Dan and Melissa both receive emails at this address and one of us will reply within the business day.

Consultations are free for 1/2 hour.


When To Get A Superfood Consultation

When you're creating a lifestyle change, it's important to have enough information, support and inspiration to make your integration a success.

Every body and every lifestyle is unique. While the superfood wisdom and upgrade ideas we offer online work for most people, sometimes you need creative customizations or more information to make your lifestyle upgrade complete.

If you're brand new to superfoods, you are working to address a specific health challenge, or you're considering adding something new to your lifestyle, it's a ripe moment to get another perspective and some additional information to help you make your upgrade decisions.


Why Ask Us?

We use our superfood knowledge, intuition and real-life experiences to empower you on your health upgrade journey.

We honor your existing lifestyle and your willingness to upgrade with flexible customizations of our suggested solutions.

The easiest way to create your health upgrade is through experimentation of what works best in your body and for your lifestyle.

The advantage of working with one of us is that we've already done a lot of experimentation on our own lives, so we can accelerate your upgrades with information and advice from all of our research.


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