Loving Superfoods

Dear Superfood Fans,

It’s with gratitude and a little sadness that we must tell you our business is now closed. We started this business in 2008 after drinking Chocolate Bliss, consuming only superfoods for a week, and saying “wow, this feels amazing!” It’s been a fun ride eating these foods and helping so many people to upgrade their health by adding superfoods into their daily diet.

What Happened?

David Favor, the creator of Chocolate Bliss and the majority of the superfoods we carried, decided to indefinitely pause creating these foods. We have no way of knowing if, when, or in what form, he may resume operations. We felt that this long interruption in business was enough to warrant closing the door so that another one might open somewhere.

Another Door Opens

With more time on our hands, we investigated several other solutions for sustaining high vibration health. The solution that most closely matches (and surpasses) what we were getting from the Chocolate Bliss and other raw superfoods comes from adding fulvic / humic acid to our diet.

Nutritional Replacement for Chocolate Bliss!

OK, it doesn’t taste like chocolate, but fulvic/humic acid doesn’t need to be blended, has no calories, and doesn’t require a sweetener either. It is even more nutrient dense than Chocolate Bliss and has resulted in health upgrades above and beyond what we had been experiencing with the raw superfoods.

Adding a small amount of fulvic/humic acid to our daily regimen has given us more energy, deeper sleep, regular smooth bowel movements, and reduction / elimination of aches and pains. It contains over 70 bioavailable, plant based trace minerals. It can usher in 60 times its weight in nutrients, and usher out 60 times its weight in toxins. It fills nutritional buckets that we didn’t know were empty. The fulvic / humic acid that we are using and really like is from Black Oxygen Organics.

We’re Eating Dirt – And Loving It!

This “dirt” is pulled from 40 to 60 feet deep in a pristine, untainted peat bog (nutrient-rich wetland) in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada. It is freeze dried and filtered down to a fine black powder packed full of the bio-available nutrients we have been missing in our agriculture and food supply for the last 100+ years. If you’re like us, and eating healthy, organic, home grown fruits and vegetables, you can still be missing out on nutrients and also be exposed to toxins. Toxins can come from our soils, our water supply, and even the air. No matter how clean you are eating, it’s helpful to have daily solutions to trap toxins and expel them from your body.

In this deep extraction of humified plants, there is 40% fulvic acid that acts as a carrier transporting nutrients into the cells and transporting toxins out. There is 60% humic acid, which contains over 70 trace minerals, probiotics, and amino acids. It also contains antioxidants and electrolytes from 60,000 years of humification of over 1500 plant species. It is approved by Health Canada.

We’re Wishing You Well!

We wouldn’t be sharing this with you if we didn’t already feel profound effects from it and trust the pristine sourcing and good intentions of the company producing it. Black Oxygen Organics is a network marketing company, but you don’t have to engage in the business side if you want to simply be a retail customer and get these bioavailable fulvic & humic acids.

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