Green Cleaning Products: Do Non Toxic Cleaners Work?

Many will ask the question about Green Cleaning Products: Do Non Toxic Cleaners Work? The average home is filled with chemical products designed to make life easier, but in reality they are loaded with toxic chemicals. Get rid of the toxic cleaning products you’ve used in the past and get Green Cleaning Products: Non Toxic Cleaners that really do work. Find out how easy it is to change brands and improve your health by reading below.

Green Cleaning Products: Do Non Toxic Cleaners Work?

These toxic chemicals not only contribute to environmental pollution, but can also be detrimental to your families health. Every 1 in 3 people suffer from asthma, allergies, bronchitis or sinusitis according to the US National Center for Health Statistics and the use of chemical cleaning products have been linked to contributing to the cause. By using non toxic cleaners and eliminating harmful chemicals in the home, you can reduce some of these harmful effects simply by choosing green cleaning products.

The most important part of it all? You can keep your family healthier by using safe, non toxic cleaners. I can tell you that switching to these non toxic cleaners has made a difference in our household and to my families health.

Let me tell you a short story, many years ago my body began to go through some changes (not the hormonal kind either). After being exposed to many chemicals and fragrances growing up, and applying some at-home tanning cream, my body finally said enough. I went into a major allergic asthma reaction and I couldn’t even breath in my own home. I sat outside for many hours and could breath better outside (in the spring with allergies) than I could when I was inside. It made no sense that my body could just “flip out” like it did…but it happened.

My immune system needed a change, and that is when I decided to switch to non toxic cleaners. It has made a huge difference for my health as well as the health of my family (especially my youngest daughter that has autism). Come to find out that the toxic chemicals in our cleaning supplies where causing a lot of problems to her already troubled immune system too.

So how did we improve our health with Non-Toxic Cleaners? You can do the same with green cleaning products and be aware about the everyday products you bring into your home.

The Get Clean Non toxic Cleaners Starter Kit is an awesome value. The kit includes products for your whole house (laundry, kitchen, bathrooms, basic H all purpose cleaner, and more). You’d have to shell out more that $3,400 for conventional products to get the same amount of clean.

You can make a difference. When you get a Get Clean starter kit, you keep 108 pounds of packaging waste out of landfills, and an estimated 248 pounds of greenhouse gases. In addition, 5 trees will be planted in your honor to offset the carbon emissions for shipping.

The Get Clean Non Toxic Cleaners starter kit has been featured in the national spotlight on Oprah (as One of Oprah’s favorite things), the Rachel Ray Show – Rachel Ray and Co Recommends Get Clean Non-toxic Cleaners, Sloan Barnett on BGTV on Green Cleaning Products, from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Earth Day Celebration in 2009, and now the Get Clean Non toxic Cleaners are being used in the biggest houses in America – The White House and the Vice President’s residence.

You can get rid of all those undesirably cleaners you have in your home right now and start cleaning your way to a healthier home. You have nothing to lose, except dirt and a whole bunch of toxins!

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