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Best Eating Schedule To Lose Weight

To lose weight over the long term, will depend on many different factors. With one of them being how you eat and schedule your meals throughout the day. At certain parts of the day, your body will crave some nutrients more than others, so it is very important that you give your body what it wants at these important parts of the day. Lets tell you more about scheduling the times of your meals so that you get the most out of your weight loss programs.

Best Eating Schedule For Losing Weight Effectively

Best Eating Schedule To Lose Weight

It is very important that you eat breakfast as soon as you get up. I know that this isn’t practicable for most people, because they need to get ready for work and just haven’t got the time to sit down and eat a breakfast meal each morning. So if you fit into this category, then do what I do and make a breakfast shake. This breakfast shake should contain complex carbs, protein and healthy fats. The breakfast shake that I have each morning to start off my day. Is oats, whey protein and flax seed blended together with water. I prepare this shake the night before and drink it upon rising. It doesn’t taste the best but it gives my body the nutrients that it craves and helps kick start my metabolism for the day ahead.

Your next meal should be a mid morning snack. A good mid morning snack is an handful of nuts, this is because they are rich in protein and essential dietary fats and they also taste delicious.

The next meal would be lunch, make this meal mainly protein and carbs. A good meal would be chicken, rice and fresh vegetables.

The next meal would be mid afternoon and again would be a small snack such as a protein shake or protein bar.

The next meal would be lunch, but to ensure that you lose weight. It is very important to not add any carbohydrates to this meal. A good meal example would be chicken or turkey salad.

The final meal of the day would be the bedtime meal, which you would eat just before going to bed. A good bedtime meal would be a protein bar or protein shake.

This is probably the best eating schedule to lose weight, because you are giving your body the healthy nutrients that it needs to function correctly throughout the day. You are also giving it small amounts of calories throughout the day, which will help in keeping the metabolic rate running high. Which will result in you losing weight at a much faster rate.

Eating six meals a day instead of your more traditional three meals a day is definitely the best way to schedule your meals each day.

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Best Eating Schedule For Losing Weight Fast

Lots of people lead busy hectic lives, so if you fit into this category then you are going to have to schedule your meals to suit your lifestyle. Eating meals at the above times will not suit you. So you will need to schedule meals to suit your needs. If you work the night-shift for example make sure you eat most of your meals during the night whilst you are awake. This will help in burning off the calories from these meals whilst you are still awake and not sleeping during the day.

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