How To Do A Cleanse

Cleansing With Ease Book

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Are you thinking about doing a cleanse?

Cleansing can help you lose weight, remove toxicity, overcome dis-ease,
reduce inflammation
, and reboot your lifestyle for optimum health and energy.

We've done quite a few types of cleanses and would love to share with you our tips, recipes, experiences, and information about how to make your cleansing experience the most effective and the easiest.

Here's what you'll learn in the Cleansing With Ease book:

  • Why and when to do a cleanse
  • Which types of cleanses to use for which situations
  • How to support specific body systems
  • How to reduce and ease detox symptoms
  • What raw food recipes are recommended for cleansing

What's Inside the eBook

  • 2 Cleanses for Beginners that help you ease into cleansing and are especially helpful for gently removing large amounts of toxicity from your body.

  • 6 Specific Body System Cleanses that keep your elimination systems functioning well during a cleanse and in daily life.

  • 6 Whole Body Cleanses offered in a gradient approach from easy to more advanced, helping you cleanse every part of your body.

  • 3 Fasting Cleanses for advanced cleansing with tips to make even advanced cleanses easier.

  • 12 Tips for Overcoming Detox Symptoms that are common in every kind of cleanse.

  • Detailed Instructions for doing Healing Enemas at home, including our favorite baking soda and coffee enemas.

  • Personal Stories from Our 3 Favorite Cleanses: The Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse, The Master Cleanse and a customized Juice Feast / Green Smoothie / 100% Raw Food Cleanse.

  • 28 Juice Recipes for cleansing, including tips for making your own tasty juice recipes and fixing juices that didn't turn out yummy.

  • 6 Raw Soup Recipes and 7 Herbal Decoction Recipes for warming raw food cleanse meals.



About The Authors

Dan & Melissa Melissa Cantrelle and Dan Coppersmith are passionate about increasing awareness, upgrading health, and eating raw chocolate.  They discovered this path to health in 2008 when they followed their hearts to a raw food talk and were delightfully surprised to discover a new paradigm of eating: raw superfoods.

One taste of the Chocolate Bliss raw superfood mix convinced them that healthy food could taste decadently delicious and create immediate and profound impacts on vibration and health.  They dove in to eating many raw superfoods, adding them to their diet without restricting from eating anything else that they craved from the standard American diet.

Melissa and Dan were so impressed with the continuous upgrades in health and vibration, and the ease of making and eating these delicious foods, that they decided to become retailers of a select set of high quality raw superfoods.  They started the company Loving Superfoods and have been sharing their passion for superfoods, health upgrades and raising consciousness ever since.

Along their journey, Melissa and Dan have hosted monthly raw food educational dinners, created hundreds of raw food recipes, researched health impacts from superfoods, done dozens of cleanses, and shared their explorations with friends, family and customers.

They wrote the Cleansing With Ease book to share their many experiences with cleanses, from simple lifestyle upgrades like eating more superfoods to more advanced cleanses and fasts that cause a full body system reboot.

May our experiences with raw superfoods and cleansing inform and inspire you to create the ideal upgrades in your own lifestyle, and may you enjoy every moment of your health!
With Love from Melissa & Dan


Cleansing With Ease Book

$5 eBook
(printable pdf)


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