Quick Start Guide:
Add Raw Superfoods & Upgrade Your Quality of Life


Step 1: Add Raw Superfoods to your daily diet

No matter what else you're eating now, adding raw superfoods to your diet will create a gentle and accelerated upgrade to your health, energy levels and beauty.

Chocolate Bliss

What Superfoods to Add

Add these core superfoods to your daily diet for immediate health upgrades and ongoing maintenance of high quality health.

Chocolate Bliss
Drink daily for simple and easy health upgrades.

Hemp Seeds and/or Chia Seeds
Use chia in gel form, like chia pudding, or make a superfood bowl with hemp seeds. Both seeds help move colon waste and provide protein and essential fatty acids.

Digestive Enzymes
Take with cooked foods to ease digestion (avoid a food coma) and between meals to reduce inflammation.


Why Raw Superfoods Upgrade Your Health

  • Densely nutritious
    full of biologically available vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals

  • Easy for your body to assimilate
    they give more energy than they take to digest

  • Change your food cravings for higher quality nutrients
    The more superfoods you eat, the easier it is to replace junk foods

  • Gently remove toxins and right-size your weight



Step 2: Add Superfoods For Specific Conditions

You can target upgrades for specific body conditions by adding these superfoods to your daily diet (in addition to the core superfoods above).

Learn why these superfoods accelerate upgrades in each of these areas (and how to use them) in our free book: Upgrade Your Health With Raw Superfoods


Weight Loss and/or Energy

Hormone Support and Mood


Athletic Performance


Step 3: Prioritize Removing & Replacing Toxins

Removing toxins and low quality foods from your diet will accelerate your health upgrades.

Find out which foods to prioritize removing, and how to replace them, in our free book: Upgrade Your Health With Raw Superfoods

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